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10-19-14 :: Just Married…again!
It was a wonderful day!

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The first book from Obsidian in the new Second Chance Cat mystery series, The Whole Cat & Caboodle, from the author of the best-selling Magical Cats mysteries, Sofie Kelly, writing as Sofie Ryan.

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Sarah Grayson runs Second Chance, a repurpose shop in North Harbor, Maine. When her beloved grandmother volunteers Sarah to teach one of her do-it-yourself workshops for free to a group of seniors, Sarah ends up discovering the body of Arthur Fenety. She also reconnects with hunky Nick Elliot, an investigator for the medical examiner’s office.

It turns out the charming, silver haired Fenety was a con artist with a string of wives and fiancés, who were all left a lot poorer after their time with the man. Since he’d been in North Harbor, Fenety had been seeing Madeline Hamilton, and when the police arrest Maddie for Fenety’s murder, her friends—including Nick’s mother, Charlotte—decide to investigate. Sarah has never forgotten how kind Maddie was when Sarah’s father died, and she refuses to believe the older woman could hurt anyone. Before she knows it, Sarah and her would-be detectives, with some help from Mr. P., a geriatric computer whiz, and Elvis, a cat with an uncanny nose for sniffing out the truth, are on the trail of a cold-hearted killer.

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